What a week

As I struggle to come to terms with our country’s new reality, the urge to throw some words together is reawakening. I find myself more inclined to write when I’m feeling down (you’d think I had a miserable adolescence if you ever read through my old journals), and unfortunately down is where I’m at these days.

Everyone was so eager for this dreadful election to be over. Now it is, yet there are no winners. Sure there is a president elect (although only about one-fourth of Americans eligible to vote actually voted for him), but since the day after the election, over 300 400 incidents of harassment or intimidation have been reported (it rose that much since I started the draft of this post). Yes, some have been revealed as fake, but many more have been verified. And even if half of the reported crimes are fake, we are still talking about a hell of a lot of incidents here. Not to mention all the ones that go unreported. Frankly a single hate crime is one too many.

For those that live outside the reach of these hurtful acts, it might be easy to brush them aside as inconsequential to your life. But I implore everyone to open your eyes and imagine what it would be like to have yourself or your family a target of harassment or intimidation. While I believe that all Trump supporters may not condone misogyny, racism, and xenophobia, unfortunately the man they elected to be the next leader of this country does. (Yes, I’m aware he said “Stop It” on TV. But seriously, is that all we should expect from the future leader of the free world?) So what kind of message are we sending to children? How can we sit back idly as if everything is ok?

I know this is a children’s book blog, not a political soap box, so let me get on with it. In my struggle to make sense of things I’ve been thinking about how books can lead to greater understanding, and understanding leads to tolerance. So here’s a round up of some sources that lead to children’s books that cover the wide realm of the human experience. As we plan and hope for brighter tomorrows, let’s enjoy some great books that bring us all closer together.

Here’s my growing collection of books on Pinterest that celebrate all walks of life…

Blogs and websites to check out:

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ALA’s Rainbow List
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1000 Black Girl Books Resource Guide

A list of organizations to support

And remember,

Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice. ~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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