The Ultimate Guide to Back-to-School Books

It’s that magical time of the year when Staples sells glue sticks for a penny and a spotless, new spiral notebooks represent a fresh start. It’s Back-to-School time, my friends. Now that I have a child that is actually starting school this fall (preschool counts right?), this season is taking on a whole new meaning. I stocked up on crayons and scotch tape with all the other parents eager to pack up their kids and shoo them out the door come September (or late August for some folks).

The beginning of the school year is exciting, but it can also be an anxious time (probably more so for me than my toddler). Whether your child is just starting out or is a veteran of the classroom, the first day of school can bring out the jitters in anyone. Lots of unknowns come into play—Who will be in my class? Will my teacher be nice? Who am I going to eat lunch with? Reading books is an excellent way to help make the transition into the school year go as smoothly as possible.

Not wanting to recreate the wheel, I’ve gathered some of the best School Themed Book Lists I’ve come across and organized them for you below. There are tons of picture book lists out there (this is by no means comprehensive), but lists for older kids are harder to come by. Have a great school year!

Children's school books for all grades

Picture Books

Beginner Reader/Chapter Books

Mixed Grades (preschool–middle school)

High School

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