Window’s for my son’s bookshelf

child bookshelf

While I don’t kid myself that I’m a perfect mother (who is?), I’d like to think I do a pretty good job when it comes to exposing my son to a wide range of books. I like to peruse all the shelves at the library — picking up a folktale here, some poetry there, chapter books, picture books, some nonfiction too. Living in Brooklyn, it’s also fairly easy to find Continue reading Window’s for my son’s bookshelf

What a week

As I struggle to come to terms with our country’s new reality, the urge to throw some words together is reawakening. I find myself more inclined to write when I’m feeling down (you’d think I had a miserable adolescence if you ever read through my old journals), and unfortunately down is where I’m at these days. Everyone was so eager for this dreadful election to be over. Now it is, Continue reading What a week