Innocence lost — A final bookish April Fool’s?

As you may know, for the past four years I’ve surprised my son with a bookish prank on April 1st. (You can see my  previous year’s efforts here: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4). This year I had to surprise him on April 2nd because he was away with his cousins for a couple nights and my husband and had a blissful, child-free weekend. I highly recommend shipping your child(ren) to any willing family members, friends, neighbors, acquaintances willing to take them. But I digress.

For this year’s prank, I went with Charlotte’s Web because we recently finished reading it together and frankly, I thought it would be something I could whip together pretty quickly (I didn’t want to spend my child-free weekend focused on something for the child afterall). Here’s the result:

some-kid-wedWhereas Charlotte’s carefully crafted “Some Pig” web enthralled people from counties near and far, mine didn’t get so much as a “oh, neat.” Granted, there was a lot going on when he arrived home and he was eager to share all the fun stuff he did with his cousins, but I think something else is at work here. His first comment about the web was, “Mom, you did that.” And that’s when I came to the realization that a little bit of the magic of childhood has already come to pass for my son at the wise old age of 5 and 3/4. (His second comment, by the way, referred to seeing Charlotte’s “booty” so we are a long ways from maturity here).

The news is not all sad though. While he may not get the same delight in silly little pranks, at least now he can enjoy longer chapter books with more complex stories. Can’t wait to reread some of my childhood favorites. I might hold off on Bridge to Terabithia for a few more years though…





3 thoughts on “Innocence lost — A final bookish April Fool’s?

  1. No matter what the age it’s always fun to make magic. I think I do it more for myself now than the kids, but I hope they will remember those moments in the future. You are “some mom.”

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