What a week

As I struggle to come to terms with our country’s new reality, the urge to throw some words together is reawakening. I find myself more inclined to write when I’m feeling down (you’d think I had a miserable adolescence if you ever read through my old journals), and unfortunately down is where I’m at these days. Everyone was so eager for this dreadful election to be over. Now it is, Continue reading What a week

Change is afoot

Ah, a rainy Saturday afternoon and a napping toddler—a perfect time to sit down and write. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the decision that I simply don’t have these moments often enough to justify hosting this blog. I have so many posts in my head that I would love to work on—hidden library gems in NYC, old picture books worth a second look, profiles of Brooklyn based authors and illustrators, quirky Continue reading Change is afoot

Farewell. For now…

time to say bye bye

Just a quick note to announce that Short Tales will be going on hiatus for the time being. I’ve decided to direct my copious free time (ha!) towards helping out with my husband’s new shop, Peck’s. He’s done a stellar job getting the place off the ground, but it’s a bit much for one person to handle so I’m going to help out where I can (mostly with marketing stuff, Continue reading Farewell. For now…

Braving the Children’s Book Fair

children's book fair brooklyn

This past Saturday I attended the 7th Annual Children’s Book Fair at the Brooklyn Museum. Having gone last year with stroller in tow, I learned from my experience and went alone this year so I wouldn’t have to maneuver the tight, crowded aisles while wrangling a two year old. Don’t get me wrong, the book fair is great for kids—older ones. What I didn’t expect, however, was the slightly out Continue reading Braving the Children’s Book Fair

Discovering why children’s books matter (with a toddler)

NYPL children's book exhibt - car

One of the great reasons people often cite for living in New York City is that it offers such a rich cultural landscape to play in—theater, museums, music, art… One of the sad ironies about living here as a parent is that you don’t have nearly enough time or money you’d like to enjoy all these things. But every once in a while something comes along that reaffirms your appreciation Continue reading Discovering why children’s books matter (with a toddler)

I won the Share a Story grand prize, Yay!


I certainly did not start this blog with any preconceptions of making money from it. My track record for pursuing lucrative paths is not the best (I went from a career in environmental nonprofits to librarianship). Sure, some of the book links are affiliate links with Amazon so I might make a few pennies if someone actually buys a book off my site. But honestly, I just enjoy children’s books Continue reading I won the Share a Story grand prize, Yay!