April Fool’s Part IV

DIY Lorax forest

For the past three years I’ve surprised my son with a bookish prank on April Fool’s morning. The first year was a spontaneous arrangement I put together of his stuffies reading books. Simple, quick and he got a kick out of it. Little did I know back then that I’d be racking my brain each year to come up with a something new for April first. Now that T is four, the stakes are higher because he has expectations of encountering something “crazy” that day. This year, I decided to go for a tried and true favorite—The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss. Perhaps not the most original idea (type Lorax into Pinterest and you get a bonanza of crafts inspired by the lovable little tree-hugger), but I figure it was something I could put together without too much trouble. The biggest challenge was how to protect my Truffula Trees from the “Once-ler” (aka the cat) who eyed each Truffula tuft with the intent of batting it right off it’s fuzzy stripped stem.

The Onceler, waiting for the moment to strike
The Once-ler, waiting for the moment to strike
Adding Bar-ba-loots to the forest

What I enjoyed most about this year’s prank was T’s contribution to the scene. His initial reaction, to my dismay, was “Where are the Bar-ba-loots?” (for those who have forgotten, they are the bears who lived amongst the Truffula trees). But T quickly seized the opportunity to add a bunch of tiny counting bears to the forest. He even created a little pond for the Humming-fish (which he represented with rubber bands). And what I’m most pleased about—T no longer desires to be the Once-ler, despite his pretty neat looking Super-Axe-Hacker!

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