The site:

Short Tales is for people who value books and want to instill a love of reading in children. It’s for busy parents, librarians and anyone else who has an interest in children’s books and literacy. It will feature a growing collection of curated lists on popular themes and subject matters so you don’t have to browse aimlessly through the aisles looking for that perfect book to help junior transition to a new school or conquer his fear of the dark. The site also covers cool stuff happening in the kids book world in New York City (not just story times, but author readings, writing workshops, illustration exhibits, etc).

Me:New york books

I’m a librarian for big kids (in a university). In today’s digital era, rarely does a book cross my path. I satisfy my hankering for good ole print books with frequent trips to the public library where I check out dozens at a time for my son. He’s only one two, but he devours books with a voracious appetite (thankfully, not literally anymore).

I dream of illustrating a picture book one day although I never seem to find the time to pick up a drawing pencil. My other fantasy is to open up a neighborhood children’s book store, but I need to make an actual income. Sooo, I figure the next best thing is start up a website dedicated to children’s books and events. My virtual storefront so to speak. Come often to browse and I hope you find something you like…