Bibliotherapy: the good, the bad & the ugly

books are cheaper than therapy

I’ve always been a big fan of using picture books to help my son approach new experiences in life (and when you’re a kid most everything is a new experience!). He transitioned into preschool with ease, enjoyed his first plane ride, and has no issues with going to the dentist—in part I think because we’ve read books that familiarized him with all these situations. Recently, however, when I wanted to Continue reading

Long live the letter! 11 books that celebrate writing

children's books about letter writing

I’m fortunate that my father still lives in the same house I came home to when I was born (many moons ago). The house is teeming with memories of my youth stashed beneath my bed, tucked into closets, and hidden in the attic (letters, artwork, yearbooks, postcards, photographs…). I love having these bits of personal history to look back on, but every now and then my father threatens to move Continue reading

April Fool’s Book Prank Strikes Again

Dig Dogs Dig scene

Hard to believe April is already upon us. We’re still eagerly awaiting for the Spring weather to arrive, but April Fool’s waits for no one! In keeping with tradition, I pulled a little bookish “prank” on my son. I scanned his book shelves for inspiration and when I came upon Dig Dogs Dig, it hit me—I’ll recreate a construction site of truck-loving dogs excavating a dinosaur bone! Dig Dogs Dig Continue reading

Kid Lit Profiles: Tomi Ungerer

Ungerer picture books

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of viewing Tomi Ungerer: All in One, the current exhibit at the Drawing Center. I say distinct pleasure because I went sans child—which means I was actually able to read all the captions in the exhibit. And I’m glad I did because Ungerer has a fascinating life story, and even though I originally intended to feature NYC based authors and illustrators on this blog, Continue reading

Share a love of books with those you love

bookgiving day bookplate

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but I’m not one for phony sentimentality. I am a fan, however, of getting books into the hands of kids so that is how I will be celebrating February 14, aka International Book Giving Day. For those of you not familiar with this splendid holiday, it’s aimed at increasing children’s access to and enthusiasm for books. Celebrating is easy—simply give a book to a kid! I’ll Continue reading

New children’s books featuring the Big Apple

flat iron in little elliot

Everyone gets a kick out of recognizing a familiar scene from their hometown in a movie. I still can’t watch The Squid and the Whale without pointing out the old crappy building I used to live in (can’t say I miss having no sink in the bathroom). The same goes for books—kids love seeing familiar sights from their city on the page. Lucky for us, there is no shortage of Continue reading