Change is afoot

Ah, a rainy Saturday afternoon and a napping toddler—a perfect time to sit down and write. Unfortunately, I’ve come to the decision that I simply don’t have these moments often enough to justify hosting this blog. I have so many posts in my head that I would love to work on—hidden library gems in NYC, old picture books worth a second look, profiles of Brooklyn based authors and illustrators, quirky Continue reading

Bringing books to life


I’m a big fan of incorporating books into play with kids. Whether it’s a craft project, pretend play or an April Fool’s prank, using themes and characters from your kids’ favorite books is an easy and fun way to get them excited about reading. Some picture books lend themselves particularly well to arts and craft projects (have you seen what people are concocting out of the The Very Hungry Caterpillar?). Continue reading

Farewell. For now…

time to say bye bye

Just a quick note to announce that Short Tales will be going on hiatus for the time being. I’ve decided to direct my copious free time (ha!) towards helping out with my husband’s new shop, Peck’s. He’s done a stellar job getting the place off the ground, but it’s a bit much for one person to handle so I’m going to help out where I can (mostly with marketing stuff, Continue reading

Having fun with food: 10 funny food picture books

funny food picture books kids

Lately, food has played a very significant role in my family’s life. My husband just opened a prepared food shop in our neighborhood, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. In honor of his dedication to providing good food for his family and now for the while neighborhood, I wanted to curate a list of food picture books. I soon realized that “food” is way too broad a topic, Continue reading

Best of the best: Top 8 picture books of 2013

best picture books 2013

It’s time to take a look back at the bounty of picture books that came out this year and separate the wheat from the chaff. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, there were many fabulous books that came out this year, and this list is a small fraction. So let’s go with: it’s time to separate the cream from the milk. Milk is still delicious, but cream is tastier! Like last Continue reading